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28 Dec 2012

Being an author – and giving something back

Photo/Paul McErlane
Attending the launch of your first book – the most amazing experience

I had the idea for writing a book about my passion of eclipse chasing for many years. Many of my family and friends nagged me about it, saying that I should write about my eclipse chasing adventures.  The idea was always there, in the back of my mind.  But I always had doubts, or felt it wasn’t something I could do as I didn’t have the time.  I just didn’t really prioritise the idea of writing a book.

This changed in September 2010, when I attended a one day writers workshop run by a local author.  That was the day that I really took thinking about ‘the book’ seriously.  I was able to spend time thinking about what it would look like, why I would write, and what I would get out of it.  I learned so much by actually verbalising my thoughts about my idea.  I also found listening to others who were in a similar situation very inspiring.  My mind went into overdrive with ideas, and by the end of the day I bounded home from the workshop, feeling full of inspiration and energy, with a clear sense of how the book should be put together.  From that moment on, it all flowed freely and it was like I was ‘driven’ to write.

Three months later, I had a book contract with a major publishing company to write my first book.  And a year after that, I submitted my first book – I had become an author.  I am now currently writing my second book, and I feel extremely motivated to continue writing for a long time.  It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

I have published as an academic;  I have written three different theses for my honors, masters and doctoral degrees.  But there is something very special about having written and published a book about something you are passionate about.  I still feel like I should pinch myself sometimes.  For me, attending a writers workshop was the key that got the whole process started.

I really enjoy helping others begin this journey for themselves.  I run workshops all the time in my day job as a Clinical Psychologist.  I teach doctoral level students.  I supervise research.  I write academic papers.  I run small classes. I coordinate a research discussion group.  I also teach motivational interviewing to medical professionals, and those living with chronic illness.  I teach communication skills.  I help people change their lives for the better.  I encourage people to live authentic lives.  Workshops are what I do.  I believe I have quite a unique set of skills to offer to first time writers.  So, I aim to run workshops on a semi-regular basis wherever I am in order to inspire others to follow their passion and start writing.  See Events for more details.  It just feels like a great way of giving something back.