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I have been undertaking eclipse-related outreach activities in many countries around the world – including the UK, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Australia, Indonesia, and the U.S.  I love helping communities prepare for a total solar eclipse.

How can I be of help to you?

Dr Kate Russo, media, eclipse chaser

Media Interviews


I have extensive experience of engaging with the media, in many countries, and have had media training. I am happy to participate in interviews for articles, magazines, documentaries, radio, podcasts, etc. I am approachable, confident, relaxed, and flexible.

I can contribute an authoritative perspective on the total eclipse experience, and the eclipse chaser perspective. I speak from my own personal experience of seeing eleven total solar eclipses; but also in my role as a psychologist and researcher having surveyed and interviewed many others about their experiences. I can also provide an authoritative perspective on the process of community eclipse planning.

I am available to be interviewed in person, by phone or via Skype or Zoom. My preferred method of contact is via email using the contact form below.

I am open to being commissioned to write articles about the eclipse for your publication. Get in touch to talk through any idea you may have.


I am a passionate and confident speaker. I can tailor presentations to suit your needs and audience. My talks are suitable for public, private and corporate events.  

My most requested presentations before every eclipse:

Preparing your community for an eclipse – everything you need to know (Stakeholder version, and Community version)

Life as an eclipse chaser – an insight into this geeky sounding obsession

The experience of totality – delving deep into the unknown and exploring what it is like being in the shadow

Preparing for totality –  A no-nonsense guide for eclipse virgins living within and outside of the path

Dr Kate Russo, Brisbane Astronomical Society, Eclipse speaker



I have years of experience at creating eclipse-related events that help engage the general population about the eclipse. These range from informal social events, meet-and-greets, Q&A sessions, one-question round-ups, informal discussions, web chats, workshops, seminars, site inspection visits etc.

I’ve run events in restaurants, cafes, book stores, museums, shops, libraries, corporate headquarters, schools, cruise ships, church halls, universities, market stalls, and shopping centers. Web events are also possible.

If you are looking to engage your community or employees with the eclipse experience in unique and creative ways, such as through art or writing, let’s explore how I can support you. I’m always happy to explore how the eclipse experience can inspire a generation!

Book launch, Dr Kate Russo, Total Addiction, Belfast

Book signing and author events


I am actively pursing book launch activities and events, to promote my third book Being in the Shadow:  Stories of the First Time Eclipse Experience.  I believe this book is of great interest to those living within the path of totality, and anyone outside who is curious about whether they should travel into the path for the eclipse.  I am happy to discuss options for book signings, library talks, and author discussions for public or private events.  Let’s get creative! 

I also welcome invites to participate in virtual book club discussions about my books in the lead up to, and following, the August eclipse. 

I am an experienced author, and love sharing about the process of writing.  I run writer’s workshops where I can, and have extensive experience of mentoring people with their writing projects.  Being a psychologist, my author workshops are unique and provide many techniques and tools not used in more traditional workshops. 

Eclipse glasses, eclipse map, path of totality

Community Eclipse Planning


I am not the typical eclipse chaser that comes in just for the eclipse and leaves again. I love being on the ground in the lead up to the eclipse, and being part of the community planning and preparations. I love sharing information, experiences, and ensuring that the local community are involved.  As well as providing initial guidance on how to prepare your community (for free), I also offer ongoing support.

I offer web Q&A sessions that may be of interest to eclipse planning committees and those running events on eclipse day.  This is of particular interest if your questions relate to planning, stakeholder engagement, community engagement, logistics, and examples from previous eclipse planning.  See my page on Community Planning, and get in touch if I can be of help. 

Eclipse Marketing Opportunities


A total eclipse can be a unique opportunity to showcase your region, business, products or abilities.  I am actively seeking sponsorship opportunities.   Want some ideas on how your brand can be associated with the eclipse?  Get in touch to discuss the many ways your brand can benefit from my extensive reach, networks and platform.

I am especially seeking sponsorship for direct costs associated with travel, vehicle hire, accommodation, computer support, mobile phones, internet connectivity, and fuel while I am in the U.S engaged in media and outreach.

Dr Kate Russo, eclipse planning

Eclipse Travel Consultations


I understand that it can be intimidating to plan a trip into the path of totality to see your first total solar eclipse. Where do you go? How do you plan, and what do you take with you?  How do ordinary people prepare for their first total solar eclipse?

Not only have I been arranging my own independent eclipse trips for many years;  I also lead eclipse tours and have worked with tourism groups in various regions.  I have been directly involved in planning in locations all along the path.  I can guide you in this process so you can travel independently with confidence.

I  offer these sessions as an individual via Skype or Zoom. Occasionally I run Eclipse Travel Planning Workshops for groups, on request. In the past, I have offered this advice for free.  However, due to demands on my time, I now have to charge for my time. Get in touch if you are interested to know more.

Contact Me


My preferred way of responding is via email at, or by completing the form below.

You will find me most accessible on FB, where I am visible every day. I am also on twitter: @DrKateRusso although I’m still a relative newby.

Once you like my FB Page, @Beingintheshadow you can engage directly in my daily posts – it would be lovely to interact with you!

Please note that it in very busy times it can take a few days for me to respond to personal messages and emails of a non-urgent nature. Please do not take this personally – there is only one of me and I do the best I can.


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