I am an Australian author, psychologist and eclipse chaser.  Originally from Ingham in North Queensland, I grew up on a sugar cane farm in an Italian community. Travel was in my blood from an early age, and I vowed I would see a total solar eclipse after reading about the experience.  .

I left Australia in 1997 on a round-the-world adventure, and after some pretty epic moments, I landed in the UK.  This was fortuitous timing, as I was able to see my first total solar eclipse in 1999 by travelling to the coast of France.  My life has not been the same since, and I knew from that moment I was an eclipse chaser.

Since then, I have stood in the shadow of the Moon in many exotic places around the world.  I have seen twelve total eclipses and two annular eclipses.   I particularly enjoy experiencing the power of nature – along with eclipses, I have chased the aurora, and am drawn to volcanoes, lightning and storms.  I love those magical reminders that nature is alive and powerful.

Along with chasing, I love sharing the eclipse experience with others, and have led sold-out eclipse tours with The Independent Traveller, a UK-based tour company, for several years.  I have since partnered with Insider Expeditions, and am developing an exciting program of eclipse tours.

I love my career as a Clinical Psychologist, and have been lucky to work in the UK National Health Service for over 15 years, and also spent around six years as a consultant on national and international health projects.  I was an Assistant Course Director of a doctoral training program in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast for about six years.

I am an expert in Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), and love inspiring others to use this approach in their academic work.  I use this research approach to explore the lived experience of totality.  I have published three eclipse books, and when I have the time will continue to share the huge volume of work I have collated on this topic.

After living in Belfast, Northern Ireland for over 20 years, I returned to North Queensland, Australia in 2018 to be closer to my family.  I now work in a private group psychology practice in Townsville, along with my research and eclipse activities.  I will soon be joining the tiny house movement as my base for my eclipse chasing which will continue, for sure, for the rest of my life.

Eclipse chasing – what’s not to love?   (c) Kieron Circuit.


With a professional background in Psychology, Kate is a recognised authority on the total solar eclipse experience.  Not only is she able to talk from her personal experiences of eclipse chasing for over 20 years, she can also share the experience of the hundreds of others she has surveyed and interviewed. She has authored three books on the topic and is in demand as a speaker and in the media due to her passionate and relatable manner. Her aim is to encourage everyone to experience a total solar eclipse, and to experience the awe and wonder of being in the Moon’s shadow.


“There is no need to be fearful of the dark. Chase it, welcome it, embrace it. “

“The path of darkness leads to the most interesting of places.”

“Get into the path of totality, and find your bliss being in the shadow.”

“If everyone experienced  a total solar eclipse, the world would be a better place.”