Kate is an Australian author, psychologist, and eclipse chaser. Originally from North Queensland, travel was in her blood from an early age. She vowed she would travel to experience the world, and would one day see a total solar eclipse.

Kate left Australia in 1997 on a round-the-world adventure, and after some pretty epic moments, landed and settled in the UK. She was able to see her first total solar eclipse in 1999 by traveling to the coast of France—and her life has not been the same since. She knew from that moment that she was an eclipse chaser.

Since then, she has stood in awe in the Moon’s shadow in six continents, seeing twelve total solar eclipses and two annular eclipses. She also chases awe and other natural events, including the aurora, volcanoes, lightning, and storms.

Eclipses have now become a life obsession. She uses her academic and clinical skills to delve deep to understand and convey the experience to others, and shares this through presentations and in the media, and also through her three published eclipse books. She also has found her niche in helping communities with eclipse planning and has established herself as a leader in this area.

After living in Belfast, Northern Ireland for over 20 years, Kate has returned to her native North Queensland and is enjoying a slower pace of life.  She unwinds by chasing local weather events and enjoying nature. And chocolate.

Her aim is to encourage everyone to experience a total solar eclipse, and to experience the awe and wonder of being in the Moon’s shadow. Kate will be chasing eclipses for the rest of her life and hopes you will too.

Eclipse chasing—what’s not to love?  Credit: 2015, Kieron Circuit.


With a professional background in Clinical Psychology, Kate is a recognized authority on the total solar eclipse experience. She is able to bring to life her personal experience of seeing 12 total solar eclipses over a period of 20 years from six continents.

Kate has an unusual combination of skills and expertise that has allowed her to carve out a niche in the eclipse world. She uses her academic and clinical skills to delve much further into the experience of totality, using these insights to help put words to the ineffable. She has surveyed and interviewed hundreds of people about their eclipse experience, and has authored three books on the topic. She is eagerly sought out by the international media for comment about the total eclipse experience given her unique insights as a researcher, psychologist, and eclipse chaser. Kate is in demand as a speaker due to her expertise, passion, and relatable manner.

Kate is also considered the international authority on community eclipse planning, where she has used her extensive experience in multiple countries to guide others. Her White Paper on Community Eclipse Planning is now in its second edition and is based upon her own evidence-based research and active participation in planning efforts over the past decade.  She advises on local, state, and national eclipse planning groups, and is a core member of the American Astronomical Society Solar Eclipse Task Force.

Now based in her native North Queensland, Kate feels privileged to continue her much-loved role as Clinical Psychologist and maintains a limited private practice. She also continues to provide eclipse leadership, expertise, and outreach via Zoom, while waiting for the next opportunity to get into the path of totality.


“There is no need to be fearful of the dark. Chase it, welcome it, embrace it. “

“The path of darkness leads to the most interesting of places.”

“Get into the path of totality, and find your bliss being in the shadow.”

“If everyone experienced  a total solar eclipse, the world would be a better place.”