My books

I am an academic who specialises in phenomenological research – how we experience and make sense of our world.  In my academic career, I have focused my research on the lived experience of health and illness.   But in recent years I have been researching the eclipse experience and other things related to the total solar eclipse.

I love research.  I love writing.  And I love eclipses.

Writing books is really very enjoyable – although it is time-consuming and often I find it is difficult to find the time.  I have already published two books about the eclipse experience.  I have been trying to complete my third book for some time – life just keeps getting in the way.

Here you will find an overview and links to my books.


Belfast book launch of Total Addiction. (c) 2012, Paul McErlane

Belfast book launch of Total Addiction. (c) 2012, Paul McErlane

Total Addiction:  The Life of an Eclipse Chaser 

Everything about my first book was so exciting – I had so much to say about the eclipse experience, and wanted to research it fully and share it with the world.  It describes the eclipse experience, and goes in-depth into what it is like to be an eclipse chaser. Click here for more information.



All the cool people are reading Totality. (Ok, shameless plug here..). (c) 2014, Julie Gamble

All the cool people are reading Totality. (Ok, shameless plug here… with Chris Hadfield. (c) 2014, Julie Gamble

Totality:  The Total Solar Eclipse of 2012 in Far North Queensland

This second book wasn’t really planned, but I published it after seeing the total solar eclipse from within my home community of Far North Queensland.  I had been doing surveys and interviews with people before and after the eclipse for a research project, and felt I had to share some of the stories and images which capture how a community experiences a total solar eclipse.  Click here for more information.



BOOK COVERBeing in the Shadow:  Stories of the first time total eclipse experience   


My third book will be launched in early June.  Personal stories from ordinary people who were in the right place at the right time to see a total solar eclipse are featured.  This is an exciting book, and I cannot wait for the release in early June.  Join the mailing list to get the latest on pre-orders and launch events.