2017 – USA

Although I am currently based in the UK, I have been working to help prepare for the 2017 total eclipse for almost three years.   I have big plans, including helping communities along the path of totality in their preparations, relocating to the US, and doing a consulting and speaking tour of the path of totality, and launching my third book.

Here’s what I have been up to so far:


  • online attendance of the Eclipse Task Force Planning meeting


  • June – post eclipse interviews with organisers of the Faroe Islands eclipse, gathering research into the planning process to write guidance documents for planners
  • August – attended Eclipse Task Force Planning meeting in Portland, Oregon.  Presented a public lecture on what the eclipse means for YOU;  and delivered a further lecture on preparing a community for the eclipse
  • August – launched the White Paper on Community Eclipse Planning, for distribution across the US
  • October – finalising plans for my Wyoming 2017 Total Eclipse Tour with The Independent Traveller
  • November – eclipse lecture series on board a cruise ship, including detailed information about the 2017 eclipse and how to travel to see it


  • February onwards – participation in monthly teleconference with the NASA Eclipse Outreach Networking google group
  • February – workshops with people from the path of totality in 2012 to help people plan for their trip to the US in 2017 to see the total solar eclipse
  • March – undertook post-eclipse research workshop at the Sulawesi Eclipse Festival in Indonesia, gathering video material of the eclipse experience for use during the US eclipse preparations
  • April onwards – commenced free consultations to eclipse coordinators across the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse
  • April – helping several astronomy clubs plan their tours for the 2017 eclipse
  • May onwards – supporting others engaging in eclipse outreach across the US via skype discussions
  • June – online attendance at the Eclipse Task Force Planning meeting in Carbondale, Illinois
  • July – submission of application for US Immigration to allow me to come to the US in a work capacity to help prepare communities along the path for the total solar eclipse
  • August – completed online survey of eclipse chasers regarding their plans for 2017
  • October – Online attendance at the Wyoming Eclipse Festival Planning event, and production of video
  • November – Submission of additional material for US immigration
  • December – Notice of approval of US visa – woohoo!!


  • Jan – Launch of “Expressions of Interest” survey for communities within the path of totality to be a part of my Being in the Shadow Path of Totality tour.  For more information, see this blog post.