How Can I Help?

Get in touch - I'd love to help. (c) 2016, Kieron Circuit

Get in touch – I’d love to help. (c) 2016, Kieron Circuit

I am passionate about total eclipses, chasing eclipses, the eclipse experience, and helping communities prepare for the total solar eclipse.  Here are some of the ways I can help:

Media Involvement

I have undertaken many eclipse-related interviews for newspaper, radio, TV and documentaries in several countries, and feel comfortable giving interviews in person, by phone, or via Skype.  I have also contributed to newspaper and magazine articles providing the perspective of the eclipse chaser, and also representing my research on the eclipse experience and planning expertise.  I am happy to arrange for an interview, and am open to being commissioned to write articles about the 2017 eclipse.  Get in touch to talk through any idea you may have.

Speaking and Events

I love delivering presentations, and I can tailor my presentations to your audience and to suit your needs.  I am a relaxed and confident speaker, and have many years of speaking professionally.   I can present on any aspect of the total solar eclipse – the features of up-and-coming eclipse, what to expect, how to prepare, what it is like, planning and preparing for an eclipse, being an eclipse chaser, experiential travel, eclipse chasing as a career, and my own detailed research about the eclipse experience. As a Psychologist, I can present on topics related to how the eclipse experience impacts upon wellbeing, motivation, happiness, goals and purpose. My most popular and most requested presentations relate to these three themes:

  • Life as an eclipse chaser – and how this fits in with my career as a psychologist, and an author and researcher
  • The experience of totality – an overview of my own research and personal experience
  • Preparing for totality –  a non-scientist and non-eclipse chaser approach

I have delivered presentations to a wide variety of audiences – astronomical groups, universities, convention bureaus, tourism authorities, libraries, schools, community groups etc.

Community Eclipse Planning

I am not the typical eclipse chaser that comes in just for the eclipse and leaves again. I love being on the ground in the lead up to the eclipse, and being part of the community planning and preparations. I love sharing information, experiences, and ensuring that the local community – from children to adults, and also local businesses and key stakeholders – are all involved by running eclipse-related events.  As well as providing guidance on how to prepare your community, I also offer support and consultations, and in the near future will be developing an Eclipse Coordinator Forum to help with planning as the countdown continues to August 21, 2017.

Eclipse Marketing Opportunities

A total eclipse can be a unique opportunity to showcase your region or business. I am able to provide Eclipse Seminars for tourism related organisations and local businesses to highlight how to leverage the eclipse experience to raise your profile.  I have worked with restaurants, tour operators, local artists, photographers, insurance companies and many more!  Sometimes really great events are born by simply bouncing around ideas, and sharing what others have done in the past.

Eclipse Travel Consultations 

I have years of experience of arranging my own eclipse travel, and understand that for those who haven’t seen a total solar eclipse, it can be a bit intimidating when planning to see your first eclipse.  I have run Eclipse Travel Planning Workshops in the past, as well as doing individual one-to-one tailored consultations.

Author Activities 

I am an experienced author, and love sharing about the process of writing with book clubs and writers workshops.  I often run writer’s workshops where I can, and have extensive experience of mentoring people with their writing projects.  I also love doing book signings and speaking in libraries and book clubs.  In 2017 I am planning to launch my third book across the U.S. – and I can’t wait!

Simply complete the form and I will respond as soon as I can.