My name is Kate, (Dr Kate actually) and I am an Author, Psychologist and Eclipse Chaser.

My portrait

This is how you will recognise me on eclipse day.               Photo (c) 2012 Paul McErlane.

Since my first total solar eclipse in 1999, I have seen ten total eclipses and two annular eclipses (I don’t count the partial eclipses).   I particularly enjoy experiencing the power of nature – along with eclipses, I have chased the aurora, and am drawn to volcanoes, storms, and love watching lightning streak across the tropical sky then hearing the BOOM of thunder.  These things are reminders that nature is alive.

I am also a Clinical Psychologist specialising in health.  I worked in the UK National Health Service for over 15 years, and have also undertaken private consulting.  Up until recently I was an Assistant Course Director of a doctoral training program in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast.  I have a passion for phenomenological research, and I research people’s experiences – what it is like for them from their own subjective experience.  I am an expert in Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), and love inspiring others to use this approach in their academic work.

Since I was able to secure a publishing contract in 2011, I have been researching the experience of the total solar eclipse.  Since then, my psychology and eclipse chasing careers have merged together wonderfully so now I am fully engaged in eclipse-related activities until the next total solar eclipse.

I am from Ingham in North Queensland, and I grew up on a sugar cane farm within an Italian community.  In a time before the internet, I had penpals from all around the world, and growing up I wanted to be an air hostess so I could travel extensively.  I left Australia in 1997 on a round-the-world adventure from which I have yet to return.  After seeing my first total eclipse in 1999, it seemed only natural for me to continue my love of travel whilst standing in the shadow of the Moon as often as I can.